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Why buy property in Bulgaria?

Why buy property in Bulgaria?

Much is publicized about property for sale in Bulgaria, but apart from the fantastically low prices compared to the UK, what else does it have to offer?

370 km of coastline boasting some of the best beaches in Europe and a summer that lasts from April until October, with temperatures reaching a peak of 40 degrees, and that’s only the start.

As quoted by the Association of British Travel Agents 'it is one of the fastest growing holiday destinations in the world and the fastest growing tourist destination in Europe, and according to the World Tourist Organisation it’s near the top of the list. It has 3 international airports, 2 of which are located on the Black Sea and its only 2 and a half hours flying time from the UK'.

It has an incredibly low cost of living making it an ideal holiday destination for those of us that are looking for a cheap getaway, in fact a three course meal with wine for two can cost as little as £10.

It has fantastic scenery with impressive mountain ranges and breathtaking views. There are many lakes, waterfalls and caves, much of which remains untapped and unspoilt by the rising tourism the country is experiencing. The country has a rich, diverse history and large number of architectural treasures all waiting to be explored by the millions of visitors expected to come here by the end of 2008.

And if all that isn’t enough to make you think about whether to buy a property here, Principal International a leading overseas property investment company say look at the property prices which rose as much as 35% in some places in the last 2 years, and another rise is expected in the coming months.

With the 
ski resorts taking off and much investment being ploughed into these regions, investors are seeing the benefits of buying in all areas of Bulgaria. The Times recently supported an article which said that ski resorts give better rental yields than some of the coastal areas due to the extended skiing season, and with expectations for rental yields reaching as much as 12% it’s no wonder Bulgaria still draws buyers from all over Europe.


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